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eminence ensemble


eminence ensemble


Eminence Ensemble is a progressive rock/fusion quintet, based out of Boulder, Colorado.   Now in their sixth year together, Eminence Ensemble is cranking it up a notch with a plethora of national tour dates, new music, and a tighter sound than ever. The band has influences ranging from Rush, to Steely Dan, to Michael Jackson.   Audiences have come to love Eminence Ensemble's explosive live performances and captivating unique style of songwriting. 


Live For Live Music - 10/22/15

Great review of our October 22nd performance at Gasa Gasa, in New Orleans:

"Eminence Ensemble's set blew the crowd away, making them reminiscent of late night acts at festivals like Gathering of The Vibes or Suwannee Hulaween. Nick Baum's voice gave the band a soulful sound that distinguished them from the other acts." - Kali Serna, Live for Live Music

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Second Story Garage - 6/22/15

We are very happy to share our studio performance at Second Story garage, as well as a great writeup and interview by Quentin Young!

"A defining element of any self-respecting prog-rock act is musicianship, and the members of Eminence Ensemble deliver on their instrumental skills. " - Quentin Young, Second Story Garage

Check out the whole article HERE

Here is Eminence Ensemble Performing Mousehunt, Live at the Second Story Garage